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Pinball Inaccuracies [16 Feb 2011|02:28pm]
I am going to have one of those "lying out in the sunshine reading a book" days. I may just ride my bike and wear my new Fist City shirt too!

Cheers to new friends + old friends, tea instead of my usual black coffee, Montessori pedagogy, Spanish lessons and rock n'roll.
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A Question of Attraction [14 Feb 2011|12:02am]
I have been a bit fussy lately. Working too much, I suspect. Eight days one but soon some downtime with Daphne du Marier and Bruno Mars + my new trainers. I am anxious to be back outside.... even with a chill in the air.

Rather strange dream about making out with a co-worker. Hilarious in the lack of actual desire and what is sure to be a stuttering, red faced encounter the next time I run across him at the shop. Very teenaged.

Work trip next week. Anxious to see some new faces and shake my bottom to sweet sweet tunes! This week: waffles, clearing out my library books, sweaty pilates, ukulele, skateboard shopping for the youngest sibling and setting up appointments to finish up my degree on time.
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Curtains for the birds [31 Jan 2011|12:30pm]
Midnight screening of House (1977) tonight was rather fun. Popcorn, sodas and the required presence of bananas. I had forgotten how much I enjoy film dorkiness. Living in the "hippest" area of the city definitely has its perks as I walked to the theatre faster than I could have driven the short distance. The downside is the rowdy fucks yelling about outside currently.
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Buckled down [19 Jan 2011|09:42pm]
Crawled into the bed at home to catch up on lazing about. I am rather dull this month and excited about being able to be slug-like for a couple of weeks. School applications and hobbies and a trip planned for every month following this one are all drawing very near.... but for now running and movie watching and catching up on the music I overlooked are serving me well.
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[14 Jan 2011|12:45pm]
The newest part of the year has been productive and packed with work.

Scheduled some trips, purchased some airline tickets.

Joined up to run my first marathon.

Invited to a music fest in Spain in May by one of the bands playing. Turning it over in my brain currently.

Narrowed down my top choices for Montessori training to SF or Portland and will begin the application process over the next few months. There are loads of international positions available - which is very appealing.

Learning Spanish, ukulele and accordion. Practicing French.

Possibility of a European tour next summer.

In short, happy and healthy and mindful.
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American spirit and ice cold black coffee [16 Dec 2010|12:03am]
driving towards the southwest in the late afternoon sans sunglasses is a special kind of self-torture.
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I'm moving on, using mostly dirt roads, until I find my way [09 Dec 2010|08:44pm]
Looked into Montessori endorsed "training" schools. I have been contemplating pursuing that before grad school. It would be something worthwhile, profitable and easily transferrable to another city/country. Besides, the little buggers seem to like me a great deal and I am very interested in the approach of Montessori schools.

Going down to visit the family next week. Lots of countryside and slow southern ways for a few days. It will be great to see my grandparents as always. I am sure my Dad and Casey can use a hand around the alley/bar as well. It will be a sad sight to see the now closed theater though. It really was one of the last relics of the town worth any interest and I have fond memories of viewing films there over the years. The state of independent theaters these days is really just a shame and makes me pine for the lottery winnings to open my drive-in immediately.

I need to be more consistent with updates.
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[17 Nov 2010|02:09pm]
The Harry Nilsson doc is really incredible. I am only about half way through so far but it is really quite good. Highly recommended. I have to admit that prior to this my knowledge of him was limited to the random song or cover and his performance in Son of Dracula - which is also stellar.

I really love that feeling when you discover a musician you like. Discovering the Replacements was a huge turning point in my teenage life and I can remember distinctly the sheer bouncing on my toes excitement over finding that album. It is almost like a wave of optimism flooding through you.... which is hilarious since most of my musical tastes run the Sad Bastard route.

In other news, I am always surprised when I see Terry Gilliam. I know what the man looks like yet each time I see him speaking on a doc or tv or whathaveyou, I am surprised all over again. He really should have a crazy Merlin beard and resemble Alan Moore a bit more.
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[02 Nov 2010|11:19am]
Civic duty performed and settled at the aeroport in time to enjoy their Cheap Trick Muzak.
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Gits live [15 Oct 2010|04:20pm]
Having been in Seattle for the week, I have grown accustomed to lazily waking up to coffee and food and spending the day wandering about in a cloud of few daily tasks. Tonight I have to pay the bills, so to speak... although a 4:45 lobby call is not so bad all in all.

From guest listed for Teenage Fanclub to the Seattle Museum of Mystery to sandwiches and pints at the Honeyhole, once again Seattle proves to be a home away from home. It is possibly my familiarity with this greenest of cities but somehow I think it is just how flippin laid back it is here. I am quite awful at the "relaxing vacation" bit but this week I have managed to record shop and drink and do little else.

Miike Snow was a surprise. The photo reception at the Crocodile was inspiring. I will ramble on at another point. Time to hit the Showbox and earn my keep.
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Quick note [08 Oct 2010|02:16pm]
It is nap time. I have had a nanny-ing gig for the last two weeks while some friends head to Italy. All in all it has gone well but I think it is accurate to say that we will both be relieved when his parents return today. I will be pleased to sleep past nine o'clock without a tiny human alarm clock going off.

A couple of weeks ago a group of us headed to Nashville to see the Pixies perform the entirety of Doolittle. It was pretty much exactly as expected. Polished, strategically spaced and lacking in the grit that made them so famous to begin with. Not to say that I did not enjoy myself (I very much did) or that they were not spot on and entertaining (they rocked hell with an iron fist) but I have to admit that I would have preferred a dingy club setting 20 years ago. It just felt as if it was lacking that spark that makes them so endearing. I suppose this happens when bands grow to a certain level of success...or are making as much bank as they can as quick doing reunion shows. I suppose this sounds rather negative but all in all it was a great time. I am certainly glad that I saw them and I had a blast shaking my butt. Also, chicken biscuits at the Gold Rush with a side of white gravy. I love the south!

The opening band was pretty interesting. Despite many vocal oppositions, I was kind of into what they were doing. They are a band I was unfamiliar with previously, Fuck Buttons. Vocal-less but quite capable of building an almost surreal environment via rhythm and lights. They were not a crowd favorite by any means but after about ten minutes, I was completely entranced. I found myself leaning forward into the wave of sound instead of heading for the door.... like 3/4 of the audience. Their loss.

Only a day and a half until I depart for Seattle. I am looking forward to pines and the Egyptian and crisp, clear air. Living in a river valley makes me swoon for air that does not feel like walking through pudding. Sunny CA and then New York are only a couple of weeks afterwards and then good ole ATX for tacos, roadside piñatas, shakin my butt and lounging. I would like to try to squeeze in Iceland before the end of the year but it looks as if that will be moved to next year's agenda.
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Fight or Flight [02 Oct 2010|01:09am]
The climate of fear in this country is mind-numbing. Observing people willfully, and proudly, choose to promote an uninformed lifestyle is nothing short of shocking. When did ignorance become so fashionable?

And why are hipsters drinking moonshine?! They are neither poor or living in a holler in the mountains. It is a step away from paint thinner.... tastes like burning, in the words of modern poet Ralph Wiggum.

I was planning to see Daniel Johnston tomorrow but $140 plus a four hour car trip is a bit steep for 3 songs. I cannot tell if I am becoming more practical or just getting really old for my late 20s.
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[22 Sep 2010|12:40am]
Holed up in sunny Kentucky after having spent the better part of a week in Chicago. Nashville, TN, Missouri and Arkansas prior to that. I wound up buying one of those ipod doodads that hooks into your car lighter after noting that the cd player was broken. Nothing like driving across the "Heartland of America" listening to static filled religious sermons to make you appreciate your own musical taste. The Low Anthem carried me through the winding green hills of Kentucky.

A mere couple of weeks until touch down in Washington state. I am anxious for mountains and pines and a good bit of fog.

I am hoping that BNAT 12 works out in my favor. It would be excellent to have it all line up so that I could attend. If not, maybe a taco filled vacation listening to the White Ghost Shivers is in order all the same. It is not as if I would be a stranger in a strange land in ATX.
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[09 Jun 2010|03:17pm]
Days like today make me grateful that I am able to work from home. Headphones in, Doves rocking, while adjusting all things Lebowski on the site is a great alternative to venturing out into the downpour outdoors.

Last night was Dawes and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes in Indy. I hate to admit that I was fairly disappointed in the live versions of both bands. ES was by no means terrible but rather formulaic and Dawes was simply boring. Maybe I will feel less critical after some time has passed but the entire trip to Indy was saved only by the company that I kept - Legend, Bill, Will and Tricia, Tom and the Mayor. And I did see some sweet Legends of Country Music trading cards illustrated by Crumb....
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[04 Jun 2010|11:00pm]
I have been avoiding this due to my knack for turning emo. That terrible habit seems to have faded quickly. These days it is all rocking chairs on the porch in the warm southern sun. I suppose I can begin again.
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[25 Mar 2009|08:39pm]
i think i may skip my birthday this year.
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6 years ago.... [11 May 2008|12:56am]
two very capable humans said the following to me:

"you may be naive, but there's nothing horrible about that. that's just purity of heart running up against the evil in other people."

"Heartache is what happens when someone doesnt (or you worry they dont) love you, so perhaps we give ourselves extra significance at this time, because of our perceived insignificance in the eyes of the other."
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[01 Jan 2008|08:23pm]
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[19 Nov 2007|01:07am]
this city's been dead since you've been gone
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[12 Jun 2007|11:48pm]
r.i.p. mr. wizard
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